Endymed Pro

Flexible and upgradeable platform, which grows as your practice grows, delivering impressive ROI and maximum patient comfort

Controlled and Focused 3DEEP Technology

Innovative 3DEEP RF technology delivers energy deep into the dermis, reaching 52 – 55C with minimal epidermal heat, for optimal and painless collagen remodeling

Powerful Treatments

Powerful, effective and focused RF treatments, up to 85W, for superior results and patient satisfaction

Highest Safety Standards

Next level motion and contact sensors, together with real time impedance measurements, provide completely safe and comfortable treatments suitable for all skin types

Ultimate Flexibility

Supports all ENDYMED handpieces for face, body, Fractional RF and RF Microneedling, with insertion depth of 5mm

Full Body Aesthetic Solutions

Complete heat-to-toe treatment menu, providing superior results for the most asked for aesthetic treatments today

ENDYMEDS Unique 3DEEP Technology takes RF technology to a new level of efficacy and comfort in skin tightening. With numerous hand pieces available, one can easily treat all areas of the body. And with the Intensif microneedling handpiece, microneedling with RF has become one of the most popular procedures we offer-to treat lines, wrinkles, and scars. With the ENDYMED 3DEEP, one device delivers a full package which we utilize on a daily basis in our busy laser-energy based clinical practice.

Dr. Neil Sadick MD, USA