Tri-Beam Premium

High Energy Tattoo and Pigment Removal System
One system to treat them all

High Energy Tattoo and Pigment Removal

TRI-Beam Premium is an integrated platform offering you the most reliable and efficient combination of lasers available.  You no longer need multiple systems to treat a single multicolor tattoo. The result is a more cost-effective platform, greater patient throughput, and a more reliable device. TRI-Beam Premium includes a fractional focused lens array and free-running mode for skin revitalization.

Great System

20 HZ operation at 1.6 J per pulse

Fast Quality

Super-fast operation and higher efficacy


Higher power GN mode – 3.5 Joules


Rich-PTP™ (Photo-acoustic Toning Pulse) technology is unique to TRI-BEAM. Even with larger spot sizes (adjustable 2 to 10 mm) Rich-PTP™ mode distributes high peak energy into a rapid double pulse allowing for optimal tissue interaction. Rich-PTP™ mode also optimizes Thermal Relaxation Time for targeted melanosomes when treating melasma. When it comes to comfortably treating difficult tattoos and pigmented lesions, Tri-Beam is the answer.


Gen Technique™ is a Quasi-Long Pulse (Pulse width 300 µs) utilizing the 1,064 nm wavelength for deep penetration. Gen Technique™ combines thermal lifting and toning by using the fundamentals of selective photothermolysis. The peeling effect that results makes Gen Technique™ a phenomenal treatment for skin revitalization and firming.

Fractional Mode: Treat with confidence

Fractional Mode delivers a high peak energy pulse while sparing much of the epidermis. By minimizing the possibility of over-treating targeted chromophores and surrounding tissue, Fractional Mode enables users to treat conditions such as, Café au lait, Nevus of Ota and Solar Lentigines with a high level of confidence and minimal side-effects.
TriBeam’s proprietary Fractional hand piece serves a unique purpose. Even with optimal wavelengths, energy and pulse widths, Q-Switched Ng:YAG operators still have the propensity to over treat patients with melasma. The slightest adjustments in fluence can exacerbate this skin condition. Tri-Beam Fractional allows for peak energy and absorption into targeted chromophores while reducing bulk heating. This capability leads to clearance with lower risk of PIH.

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